SHARE your vision

Designing apparel is all about imagination! But that doesn’t mean you can’t use examples. Samples can be a great tool when designing a t-shirt or other apparel. Some examples you can choose from are drawings, examples of other brands, images of aspects that you’d like to incorporate and even types of fonts that you love.


Get Multiple Variations

I’ll provide several different artworks that will interest you so you can have several options to pick and choose from. The great thing about having multiple options is that you can tell me your favorite parts of each one, and the things you would change about them, as well. Using this information, I will combine & refine to create your final design.


Every File You’d Ever Need

Once your apparel artwork is completely done, I provide you with every file that’ll you’ll ever use all neatly packaged and labeled for you. What you’ll receive are:

  • Vector Files (AI, EPS & PDF)

    • Each file will contain the Pantone colors used in your artwork

  • Realistic Mockup

If you require a different type of file, just let me know! I am more than happy to provide a different file type upon request.


Need to get it printed?

Once your artwork is finalized, you’ll most likely need to get it printed as well. Since I also work for a massive printing company based in Sacramento, CA, I can get your projects printed directly for you! You won’t find a better deal since I will be proofing it myself and making sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Furthermore, because I did the design, I’ll know right away if there’s a way to make your project better or notice is there’s something we need to change to make it perfect. It doesn’t get much easier than that!