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Darien Gold has been instructing traditional pilates classes since 1997. Her deep understanding of the Pilates method developed out of her extensive background in high level gymnastics and her eighteen years as a professional dancer. Now, she is bringing the beauty and benefits of traditional pilates to students all around the world.


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A fellow dancer introduced Darien Gold to the Pilates method in 1992, she knew she found her calling. Soon after, she began studying and practicing with a disciple of Joseph Pilates, Romana Kryzanowska. Darien was certified to teach pilates in 1997, and since then, she developed a deep understanding of traditional pilates through decades of practice and research. She began teaching in her Hollywood, CA apartment, and soon moved into a larger space with better equipment. Today, Darien teaches from her home studio in Sonoma County. The beautiful countryside provides a tranquil, beautiful location for her practice and her teaching.

Darien’s decades of dedication to pilates has resulted in many well-deserved awards. Pilates Style Magazine named her Intermediate Mat DVD in 2010 and the Advanced Mat DVD in 2012, in the magazine’s “Top 10 Best DVDs”. Darien was also the first Second Generation classical Pilates instructor to present the traditional Intermediate Mat repertoire in an app, Studio Darien Pilates and two years later, she produced her second app, Studio Darien Advanced Pilates. For those who are just starting out, Darien’s basic mat DVD, The First Seven is available on Amazon. Now, her user friendly apps are available in the App store and Google Play. It is Darien’s hope that her DVDs and apps will help to keep Pilates enthusiasts on the classical path.

When creating Darien’s design, I wanted to incorporate the uplifting, invigorating, and strengthening feelings that come with performing pilates. A clean, elegant font and peaceful colors help evoke the vibe that Darien has worked for decades to achieve.