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Frangipani flowers are known for being symbols of friendship and hospitality, and these qualities make up the foundation for Frangipani Flowers & Gifts. This family owned business prides itself on creating beautiful bouquets and an unbeatable customer experience.  


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Mara spent most of her life in Italy. There, she worked tirelessly decorating churches, villas, parks, and restaurants with her unique flower arrangements and designs. This hard work gave her an experience foundation which opened up a love of customer service and creating high quality products. Mara and her unique floral designs made their way to the San Rafael area, and now the rest is history.

The personalized approach that Mara takes focuses on bringing her client’s vision to reality. Mara’s dream is that the flower designer and customer can share a singular vision that is then brought to life, no matter what your style preference may be. Each flower from Frangipani Flowers & Gifts is hand delivered after photo approval. Every step of the process is designed to be easy, exciting, and informative so that each customer can feel the same joy that Mara feels when creating her art.

Frangipani Flowers & Gifts was the realization of a dream that Mara had for many years. When she came across the many different ways to arrange flowers in Italy and in California, she decided to combine these two styles into something totally unique and special. That is what I wanted to help portray while working with Frangipani Flowers & Gifts for their marketing materials. With delicate symbols and fonts, I believe I was able to help bring life to this local, family owned company’s logos and design. I also wanted to bring elements of Mara’s culture and heritage by using the traditional colors of the Italian flag - red, green, and white.