Bringing life to a owl-mazing children’s book


Author, illustrator, and Hungry Owl Project volunteer Suzanna Mirviss teaches young readers to appreciate these beautiful, majestic birds through her colorful book, Hello from Sammi!


Hello From Sammi: Front Cover Design

Hello From Sammi: Inside Pages

Hello From Sammi: Inside Pages

Hello From Sammi: Back Cover Design


Suzanne Mirviss is an author, an illustrator, and the Education Coordinator for the Hungry Owl Project. She has always had a passion for owls, and wants to share her love of animals and the environment with both children and adults alike. Through her book, Hello from Sammi!, Suzanne hopes to educate folks about owls and their role in the world. Suzanne’s outdoor education activities followed her career as an instructor in San Francisco State University’s Recreation department. Currently, Suzanne lives near Mt. Burdell in Novato, and she enjoys the native oaks and resident owls all around her.

This multi talented volunteer brings her live Western Screen Owl named Buho and read letters from her book, Hello from Sammi! at book readings all around the northern California area. Suzanne developed this children’s book to help teach young readers and adults alike about these beautiful, majestic birds. The book features Sammi, a small, curious owl from Point Reyes who writes an open letter to an owl friend who she doesn’t know yet. In the book, whales and seagulls help deliver Sammi’s message, and in return, she receives letters from owls all over the world!

Hello from Sammi! Has earned itself a top 3 position in Petaluma’s bestsellers list for its young readers category, and Suzanne is proud and excited to present her book to people of all ages. The author of the fun, educational book, Suzanne Mirviss, created all of her own illustrations for her book, and I took these colorful, adorable illustrations and incorporated them into the layout to make the book itself. I am so excited and honored to be a part of Hello from Sammi!’s creation, and I hope that the book helps spread the joy of owls to folks of all ages.