Bringing professional, gym quality classes straight to you


Outburst Mobile Fitness works with individuals to design customized programs full of fun, energetic fitness classes that are sure to deliver results for your unique population and culture.


Outburst Mobile Fitness: Front of Shirt

Outburst Mobile Fitness: Back of Shirt


This one of a kind mobile cycling studio brings studio-quality indoor cycling classes straight to you. Outburst Mobile Fitness is the ideal place to exercise for somebody on the go. No detail has been missed here - each mobile fitness studio features tons of natural light thanks to plenty of windows and skylights, along with high ceilings and a light, airy, spacious feel. Air conditioning, self contained heat, ventilation systems, spot fans, and adjustable lighting add effortless comfort to the environment. Each piece of equipment has been thoughtfully placed in order to provide participants with a sense of individual space. Their professional, friendly instructors will lead up to 12 participants per class in a workout designed to will help with overall fitness as well as building core strength. These classes are designed to work for people at all levels of fitness, so no one feels like they can’t keep up or that they aren’t being challenged.

I was super excited when I was asked to create a t shirt design for Outburst Mobile Fitness. This company has custom engineered a workout environment that is meant to suit users of all ages and experience levels, and I wanted to bring that sense of inclusion to their marketing design. These brightly colored t shirts are the perfect match for anybody who wants to wear it! Each shirt features the Outburst Mobile Fitness company colors and logo on the front, along with a specialized design on the back of the shirt. This design is meant to encompass the versatility and unique nature of the company. A cityscape that wraps 360 degrees perfectly describes the flexible nature of Outburst Mobile Fitness.