Helping design a healthier brain


Susan A. Masino is a Professor of Applied Science and a joint appointment in Neuroscience and Psychology. Her two textbooks, Homeostatic Control of Brain Functions and Ketogenic Diet and Metabolic Therapies are used in classes at Trinity College in Connecticut.


Homeostatic Control of Brain Functions: Book Cover Design

Ketogenic Diet and Metabolic Therapies: Book Cover Design


Dr. Masino focuses her research on promoting and restoring brain health, something that we could all get behind. She has a particular interest in adenosine and  its relationship with metabolism, brain activity, and behavior. In addition to lab research, Dr. Masino is also interested in how public policies can improve brain health. She is especially interested in the forests of New England for this research. Dr. Susan A. Masino is a proud activist in many local educational and environmental pursuits. She brings her unique expertise in clinical and research neurology to the overall scope of her works, making them a great resource for students at Trinity College in Connecticut.

For nearly 100 years, the ketogenic diet has been used to treat seizures, and recent mechanistic insights, including the role of adenosine, has proven implications on brain health and diverse disorders. Dr. Susan A. Masino writes about this topic, among others, in her textbooks used at Trinity College in Connecticut. These books are published by Oxford University Press, and I was given the opportunity to design the covers for these textbooks. I wanted to create a sleek, professional design that did not take away from the immense wealth of knowledge within. The use of the human brain in my design was inspired by Susan A. Masino’s interest in brain health, both physical and mental. When interviewed, Susan stated that she is grateful for the opportunity to share her ideas and enthusiasm for research, while helping students feel self empowered to have a positive impact on their health and on local and global issues facing us today.