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Logo Design

After getting to know your company, I design your company image based on what I’ve learned and researched. It will represent your company in a way only your imagination could have dreamed and hoped for.


With a background in printing and apparel design, you won’t find someone better that knows the ins and outs of making sure your design comes out exactly like you want it to.


No one knows your company better than you. I’m here to help you express your company, events, needs, products and much more in an eye-catching way to bring in more customers and clients.

An event supporting Novato Schools


Each year, the Tour of Novato and Community Fair helps to raise funds for our local Novato schools. The fun-filled event has collected over $940,000 towards supporting our local school system since their first event in 2008!  


Tour of Novato School Fuel: Street Road Sign

Tour of Novato School Fuel: Front of Bike Jersey

Tour of Novato School Fuel: Logo Design


When it comes to fundraisers and community events, the Tour of Novato is one that I will always hold close to my heart. The Tour of Novato and Community Fair is a celebration of our amazing Novato schools and the students and educators within them. Along with a Novato-wide celebration event, it is also a fundraiser to help support our local education system. Not only is this event the largest single fundraising event for our local schools, it is also a showcase of some of our incredible student talent.

Aside from their main goal of raising funds for local schools, the community behind the Tour of Novato and Fair aims to create a day full of fun for all ages. The event is ideal for families, and folks of all ages are encouraged to attend. Whether you are an experienced cyclist looking for a great way to support your community, or if you’re just interested in great food and entertainment to enjoy with your family, you are sure to have a great time at the Tour of Novato and Community Fair each year.

My wife is an educator and I am a firm believer in the importance of a high quality education, so the Tour of Novato project was one that I couldn’t have been more excited about. When developing a collection of marketing tools for this event, I wanted to highlight several components: it is going to be a great day surrounded by folks dedicated to enriching education, as well as the specifics of the event itself. The schoolhouse red and #2 pencil yellow evoke memories of traditional education, a time that many consider to be the most important of their lives. I am incredibly honored to be the artist behind the Tour of Novato and Community Fair Logo, street signs, flyers, banners for the event.


Helping design a healthier brain


Susan A. Masino is a Professor of Applied Science and a joint appointment in Neuroscience and Psychology. Her two textbooks, Homeostatic Control of Brain Functions and Ketogenic Diet and Metabolic Therapies are used in classes at Trinity College in Connecticut.


Homeostatic Control of Brain Functions: Book Cover Design

Ketogenic Diet and Metabolic Therapies: Book Cover Design


Dr. Masino focuses her research on promoting and restoring brain health, something that we could all get behind. She has a particular interest in adenosine and  its relationship with metabolism, brain activity, and behavior. In addition to lab research, Dr. Masino is also interested in how public policies can improve brain health. She is especially interested in the forests of New England for this research. Dr. Susan A. Masino is a proud activist in many local educational and environmental pursuits. She brings her unique expertise in clinical and research neurology to the overall scope of her works, making them a great resource for students at Trinity College in Connecticut.

For nearly 100 years, the ketogenic diet has been used to treat seizures, and recent mechanistic insights, including the role of adenosine, has proven implications on brain health and diverse disorders. Dr. Susan A. Masino writes about this topic, among others, in her textbooks used at Trinity College in Connecticut. These books are published by Oxford University Press, and I was given the opportunity to design the covers for these textbooks. I wanted to create a sleek, professional design that did not take away from the immense wealth of knowledge within. The use of the human brain in my design was inspired by Susan A. Masino’s interest in brain health, both physical and mental. When interviewed, Susan stated that she is grateful for the opportunity to share her ideas and enthusiasm for research, while helping students feel self empowered to have a positive impact on their health and on local and global issues facing us today.


Shirts as cool as the kids wearing them


At Heritage Oak Elementary School, the cool cats are on the prowl. This adorable t-shirt design is the perfect match for the spunky, adventurous kindergarten class taught by my wife, Nadia McCarron.


Cool Cats Kindergarten Class: Front of Shirt

Cool Cats Kindergarten Class: Back of Shirt


Nadia McCarron’s kindergarten class is made up of the coolest cats in town. Nadia’s love for her students can be felt from the moment they walk through the door until the final bell rings. Located in Roseville, California, the Cool Cats is a group of kindergarten age kiddos who are just getting started in their educational journey. And I can’t think of a better starting point! This group of kids support each other every step of the way, no matter what, a quality that can be attributed to great leadership and teaching.

Nadia was nominated for the Lifechanger of the Year award by her colleague, Susan Chase. Nadia received an outpouring of support after this nomination, and everyone from fellow teachers to principals and family friends joined in by voting for her. Ms. McCarron grew up in South Africa, so she relates well with students who are in the process of learning a second language. Her nomination includes such praise as stating that she has a “heart of gold,” and that “her students are lucky to have her as their first elementary school teacher.” By simply speaking to Nadia, you will learn that she absolutely loves each one of her students and that she strives to build a foundation for them to succeed.

When I was asked to design a t-shirt for this kindergarten class, I knew I had to create something that was as cool as these kids. The kiddos totally love the dark red color and jazzy cat design, and I am thrilled to see the students wearing their shirts inside the classroom and out on the playground. Stay cool, Cool Cats!


Bringing classic elegance to a traditional pilates website


Darien Gold has been instructing traditional pilates classes since 1997. Her deep understanding of the Pilates method developed out of her extensive background in high level gymnastics and her eighteen years as a professional dancer. Now, she is bringing the beauty and benefits of traditional pilates to students all around the world.


Darien Traditional Pilates: Postcard Flyer

Darien Traditional Pilates: Tri-Fold Brochure Design

Darien Traditional Pilates: Company Brand Design

Darien Traditional Pilates: Front of Business Card

Darien Traditional Pilates: Back of Business Card


A fellow dancer introduced Darien Gold to the Pilates method in 1992, she knew she found her calling. Soon after, she began studying and practicing with a disciple of Joseph Pilates, Romana Kryzanowska. Darien was certified to teach pilates in 1997, and since then, she developed a deep understanding of traditional pilates through decades of practice and research. She began teaching in her Hollywood, CA apartment, and soon moved into a larger space with better equipment. Today, Darien teaches from her home studio in Sonoma County. The beautiful countryside provides a tranquil, beautiful location for her practice and her teaching.

Darien’s decades of dedication to pilates has resulted in many well-deserved awards. Pilates Style Magazine named her Intermediate Mat DVD in 2010 and the Advanced Mat DVD in 2012, in the magazine’s “Top 10 Best DVDs”. Darien was also the first Second Generation classical Pilates instructor to present the traditional Intermediate Mat repertoire in an app, Studio Darien Pilates and two years later, she produced her second app, Studio Darien Advanced Pilates. For those who are just starting out, Darien’s basic mat DVD, The First Seven is available on Amazon. Now, her user friendly apps are available in the App store and Google Play. It is Darien’s hope that her DVDs and apps will help to keep Pilates enthusiasts on the classical path.

When creating Darien’s design, I wanted to incorporate the uplifting, invigorating, and strengthening feelings that come with performing pilates. A clean, elegant font and peaceful colors help evoke the vibe that Darien has worked for decades to achieve.


Fresh flowers hand-delivered to Marin County & San Francisco


Frangipani flowers are known for being symbols of friendship and hospitality, and these qualities make up the foundation for Frangipani Flowers & Gifts. This family owned business prides itself on creating beautiful bouquets and an unbeatable customer experience.  


Frangipani Flowers & Gifts: Full Logo

Frangipani Flowers & Gifts: Icon Logo

Frangipani Flowers & Gifts: Text Logo


Mara spent most of her life in Italy. There, she worked tirelessly decorating churches, villas, parks, and restaurants with her unique flower arrangements and designs. This hard work gave her an experience foundation which opened up a love of customer service and creating high quality products. Mara and her unique floral designs made their way to the San Rafael area, and now the rest is history.

The personalized approach that Mara takes focuses on bringing her client’s vision to reality. Mara’s dream is that the flower designer and customer can share a singular vision that is then brought to life, no matter what your style preference may be. Each flower from Frangipani Flowers & Gifts is hand delivered after photo approval. Every step of the process is designed to be easy, exciting, and informative so that each customer can feel the same joy that Mara feels when creating her art.

Frangipani Flowers & Gifts was the realization of a dream that Mara had for many years. When she came across the many different ways to arrange flowers in Italy and in California, she decided to combine these two styles into something totally unique and special. That is what I wanted to help portray while working with Frangipani Flowers & Gifts for their marketing materials. With delicate symbols and fonts, I believe I was able to help bring life to this local, family owned company’s logos and design. I also wanted to bring elements of Mara’s culture and heritage by using the traditional colors of the Italian flag - red, green, and white.


Bringing professional, gym quality classes straight to you


Outburst Mobile Fitness works with individuals to design customized programs full of fun, energetic fitness classes that are sure to deliver results for your unique population and culture.


Outburst Mobile Fitness: Front of Shirt

Outburst Mobile Fitness: Back of Shirt


This one of a kind mobile cycling studio brings studio-quality indoor cycling classes straight to you. Outburst Mobile Fitness is the ideal place to exercise for somebody on the go. No detail has been missed here - each mobile fitness studio features tons of natural light thanks to plenty of windows and skylights, along with high ceilings and a light, airy, spacious feel. Air conditioning, self contained heat, ventilation systems, spot fans, and adjustable lighting add effortless comfort to the environment. Each piece of equipment has been thoughtfully placed in order to provide participants with a sense of individual space. Their professional, friendly instructors will lead up to 12 participants per class in a workout designed to will help with overall fitness as well as building core strength. These classes are designed to work for people at all levels of fitness, so no one feels like they can’t keep up or that they aren’t being challenged.

I was super excited when I was asked to create a t shirt design for Outburst Mobile Fitness. This company has custom engineered a workout environment that is meant to suit users of all ages and experience levels, and I wanted to bring that sense of inclusion to their marketing design. These brightly colored t shirts are the perfect match for anybody who wants to wear it! Each shirt features the Outburst Mobile Fitness company colors and logo on the front, along with a specialized design on the back of the shirt. This design is meant to encompass the versatility and unique nature of the company. A cityscape that wraps 360 degrees perfectly describes the flexible nature of Outburst Mobile Fitness.


Bringing life to a owl-mazing children’s book


Author, illustrator, and Hungry Owl Project volunteer Suzanna Mirviss teaches young readers to appreciate these beautiful, majestic birds through her colorful book, Hello from Sammi!


Hello From Sammi: Front Cover Design

Hello From Sammi: Inside Pages

Hello From Sammi: Inside Pages

Hello From Sammi: Back Cover Design


Suzanne Mirviss is an author, an illustrator, and the Education Coordinator for the Hungry Owl Project. She has always had a passion for owls, and wants to share her love of animals and the environment with both children and adults alike. Through her book, Hello from Sammi!, Suzanne hopes to educate folks about owls and their role in the world. Suzanne’s outdoor education activities followed her career as an instructor in San Francisco State University’s Recreation department. Currently, Suzanne lives near Mt. Burdell in Novato, and she enjoys the native oaks and resident owls all around her.

This multi talented volunteer brings her live Western Screen Owl named Buho and read letters from her book, Hello from Sammi! at book readings all around the northern California area. Suzanne developed this children’s book to help teach young readers and adults alike about these beautiful, majestic birds. The book features Sammi, a small, curious owl from Point Reyes who writes an open letter to an owl friend who she doesn’t know yet. In the book, whales and seagulls help deliver Sammi’s message, and in return, she receives letters from owls all over the world!

Hello from Sammi! Has earned itself a top 3 position in Petaluma’s bestsellers list for its young readers category, and Suzanne is proud and excited to present her book to people of all ages. The author of the fun, educational book, Suzanne Mirviss, created all of her own illustrations for her book, and I took these colorful, adorable illustrations and incorporated them into the layout to make the book itself. I am so excited and honored to be a part of Hello from Sammi!’s creation, and I hope that the book helps spread the joy of owls to folks of all ages.